Calling All Christians

This book is about the power and graces of praise and God’s love for you. How a simple conversation with God turned into a journey, to campaign, to awaken and to encourage you into the spirit of praise while exalting and glorify God and sharing His message of love for all. Not only in our churches, in our religious group meetings, and at Christian concert. But out into our atmosphere, environment in our surroundings, in our communities and in our world. In my travels you will find some of my struggles, visions, conversations, experiences, thoughts, hopes and dreams. On my path I discovered wisdom, knowledge and the benefits, graces and power of praise which can create an impact in our lives. You will discover how your praises can aide in the spiritual warfare and how you can participate in the harvest of God people.

This book is available as an e-book, paperback, and hardback and can only be purchased on Amazon. 

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